All Gundelsheim products are produced in a traditional German way - from pickles to sauerkraut and our delicious cabbage.

  • Gundelsheim Pickles

    Gundelsheim's specialities offer you international pickled treats.

    You can serve them for Sunday brunch, for dinner or as part of a party buffet.

  • Gundelsheim Sauerkraut

    Gundelsheim means you can enjoy sauerkraut the year round.

    Sauerkraut is low in calories and therefore suitable for dietary nutrition.

    Sauerkraut is often served as a main...

  • Gundelsheim Red Cabbage

    Gundelsheim offers you a range of Red Cabbage products.

    Our red cabbage not only goes well with leg of goose and dumplings.

    With Gundelsheim, even everyday meals are transformed...